Tungsten Jewelry

Why is Tungsten Jewelry so Famous in Western Country?

With the development of society and economy, tungsten is becoming more and more popular, especially in western countries. And tungsten jewelry will be latest trend in contemporary world. However, why is tungsten jewelry so famous in western country?

             After the advent of tungsten jewelry, everyone as can wear a tungsten jewelry as proud. However, due to the material of tungsten and gold jewelry and rare and hard, so make processing extremely difficult

Tungsten jewelry in the United States owns a great success, deeply loved by young Americans, especially the western men to wear gold rings tungsten proud. For a time, tungsten gold jewelry becomes fashion personalized gift, the best choice for the couples give each other a favorite. Now in Europe and the United States market, tungsten gold jewelry often sells out of stock, in short supply. Why tungsten jewelry so popular in Europe and the United States? Research the reason was not only because the tungsten jewelry attractive appearance and unique style. Westerners advocating perseverance, strong, particularly men should tough, domineering, never compromise with difficulties, and tungsten jewelry profound meaning is implied in the case, and tungsten jewelry is inseparable from the nature: 

Firstly, Tungsten gold is more durable than other precious metals than titanium such as gold, silver, and platinum. Tungsten is hard 10 times higher than 18K gold, and hardware than 5 times with stainless steel, 4 times than titanium. The hardness of tungsten is 8-9M (Mohs hardness scale), with the diamond hardness is 10M (the world's hardest). Each of tungsten jewelry is the use of mixed-crystal diamond abrasives and polycrystalline diamond knife single hand Work produced, from inside to outside, very fine hand. Wear jewelry out of this process naturally gives people a belief: as long as a strong, no difficulty will tremble!

Secondly, Tungsten jewelry is the most special one in the tungsten products, tungsten is the world's most hard-metal material, its hardness is second only to diamonds. Diamond is the pursuit of modern people, eternal love Synonym, Wholesale Jewelry,is the witness of the sacred marriage. The tungsten ring is a couple pairs of couples both emotional expression of the most effective witness. At today, which is rapid development in technology, work faster and faster pace of life, the whole world are filled with a kind of impetuous air, breath, fast food-style love will not last long, pure and eternal love is always the pursuit of which every man and woman. Tiffanys

Finally, Tungsten jewelry will be never worn, never fade, never deformation, refined a unique process, the entire jewelry sparkling jewel-like color and light. Anyone want to love their own long time, and fresh, everyone can hope that the other side of this emotional forever. Sending a tungsten couple rings to your sweethearts and you are both wearing a ring that engraved each other’s name. The unique features of tungsten jewelry can melt their romantic of young men, and the desire for loyal love into this conceived and is fascinating.


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Last Updated: Tuesday, 28 February 2017 08:09